The 3rd Annual Mississauga Ukrainian Festival
June 17th, 2017       11 AM - 11 PM
The Mississauga Ukrainian Festival provides a complete family experience showcasing Ukrainian culture, music, artisans, food, refreshments, entertainment and children’s activities all in one location – Mississauga Celebration Square. Your Ukrainian hosts are awaiting your visit on June 17.
Arts and Crafts - Our Folk Artists
Ivanna Zapadynska - Ukrainian Folk Artist specializing in petrykivka (decorative painting).
Kateryna Plahonina - Ukrainian Folk Artist specialzing in motanky (knot doll making).
Natalya Leshchenko - Ukrainian Folk Artist specializing in pysanky (easter eggs) and Ukrainian tansi (Ukrainian dancing)
Yaroslav Chabaniuk - Ukrainian Folk Artist specializing in pottery
Our Main Stage Performers
Forty eight years ago, Barvinok Ukrainian Dance School, with just a handful of dedicated dancers, had its humble beginnings in the church basement of St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church in Mississauga. Just as Mississauga has grown into a major city, Barvinok has flourished. Barvinok Ukrainian Dance School is recognized for excellence in Ukrainian dance, representing Canada and the Ukrainian community at international festivals around the world.  Over years Barvinok showcased the strength of Ukrainian culture in Canada to the communities in USA, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czech, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland and so many times in Ukraine. Devoted to maintaining Ukrainian heritage and identity in Canada throughout the variety of regional dance styles and ornate costumes, combined with the energy of the performers, Barvinok has earned a reputation as a dynamic group of young performers who, through their enthusiasm and passion for Ukrainian culture, bring the joy through vibrant and thrilling spectacle on stage.
DESNA Company & DESNA School of Dance
For more than 40 years... DESNA has been dazzling audiences throughout Canada, the US and abroad with a wide repertoire of Ukrainian dances. Under the direction of Virsky-trained Yuri & Luba Grekov, DESNA presents technically demanding and exhilarating dances accented by exquisite costumes and diverse music. This celebration of movement creates a vibrant spectacle for all audiences to enjoy.
DESNA’s repertoire consists of various traditional dances including Hutsul, Bukovynian, Volyn, Kozachok and Hopak. However, it is the group’s strong belief that the key to celebrating and broadening tradition lies in contrasting it with new and different styles of dance. This led to the creation of a series of new dances including the Canadian Country Dance, Gypsy, and various comedic numbers.
DJuice - Guest Performer from Ukraine
Ukrainian bandura player, composer, arranger, DJ, winner of many international and national competitions, the initiator and organizer of youth and music projects. Member of the National Union of Harpers Ukraine.

Artistic director of the group "beaked Poet" - a team of six colorful avid Bandura musicians, in the style of "musical cartoon" perform covers of international hits and Ukrainian folk songs in a modern format.

Echo Children's Group
Echo children's singing group is based at St. Mary's Ukrainian church in Mississauga.

Ihor & Adriyana Artemyak
Igor and Adriyana Artemyak - a singing sensation from Ternopil, Ukraine, with many years sing and performing at international festivals, concerts supporting Ukrainian music and culture of thier native land.

Kalyna (Hamilton)
Just a few years ago, a group of young and motivated individuals came
together to comprise the Kalyna Dance Ensemble, based in Hamilton,
Ontario. With just a hand full of dedicated dancers, Kalyna has
flourished into a recognizable and respectable group
whose humble beginnings allow them to be fine representatives of
Ukrainian-Canadian youth.   By performing at countless weddings,
festivals, Malankas and fund-raisers across Ontario and Quebec, Kalyna
is devoted to fostering Ukrainian tradition through dance.
These life-long performers of Ukrainian dance continue to excite
audiences while strengthening their Ukrainian identity and expanding
cultural diversity. As this ensemble continues to take part in a
multitude of functions and events, their passion and enthusiasm
are demonstrated in each performance.
Kalyna (UNF - Toronto)
Established as a classical Ukrainian dance company supported by members of UNYF (Ukrainian National Youth Federation), Kalyna has been recognized as a traditional Ukrainian dance treasure since it’s founding in 1960 by Artistic Director Seman Dzugan. In 1984, first Andrej Baczynskyj and then Alexander Gostilo became Artistic Directors of Kalyna, succeeding Seman Dzugan, until the late 1990’s. Since Kalyna was launched in 1960, the primary goal has been to develop and share Ukraine’s diverse culture and repertoire and to present it to the Ukrainian community and to the world through multiple performances and tours. After a brief hiatus, 2016 marked the revival of Kalyna. Currently, under the direction of Stefan Kuziw,Kalyna Performing Arts Company is experiencing an unprecedented level of artistic excellence. Stefan and Kalyna dancers believe that as essential as it is for them to enjoy performing on stage, it is equally as valuable for their audience to experience this journey with them.
Prometheus Male Choir
Established in 1948, under Ukrainian Youth Association Toronto Branch – SUM Ensembles, Prometheus Male Choir has been an integral part of the Ukrainian community in Canada. Over the years, the choir has toured many cities in both Canada and the United States. Their most unforgettable tour took place in European cities including a performance for the Pope in Rome. Prometheus has also performed in larger productions with various choirs, soloists and symphony orchestras in such distinguish venues as Roy Thomson, Hall O'Keefe Centre - The Sony Centre for the Performing Arts, and Massey Hall. The choir has performed at many concerts recognizing and celebrating historical events honoring famous Ukrainian figures, Heroes and Ukrainian traditions. The choir is comprised of passionate volunteer singers who invest their time towards preserving Ukrainian traditional music and songs. Currently, Prometheus has started new artistic life with new singers artistically led by professional conductor, musician and singer, Pavlo Fondera.
Vanguard Band
The Ukrainian Youth Ensembles, Vanguard Concert/Marching Band is an
educational artistic ensemble, which functions to preserve the ideals of Ukrainian musical cultural. The work is dedicated to Holy Mary, the Mother of God and theProtectress of the Ukrainian Nation. The repertoire of the band includes a variety of Ukrainian music: religious, folk, classical and contemporary. The band itself has traveled extensively throughout Canada, the United States and Europe. The Vanguard Concert/Marching Band consists of three distinct sections: the Concert/Marching Band; the Colour Guard and the Junior Drum Corps. Friendship, responsibility, discipline and a spirit of unity are virtues
highly encouraged and fostered by the band members. The band uniform is regarded with great respect. The stylization and colours of the uniform are symbolic of the military band traditions throughout Ukrainian history. By its unique blending of this past tradition with contemporary images, the uniform has itself become a legacy forthe future.
Vroda - Ukraine
Ukrainian energy is tradition, the magic of Ukrainian melody, beauty rituals and furnishings, framed in contemporary dance sounds with the latest musical trends. This is Vroda.

Yavir School of Dance
Yavir School of Ukrainian Dance is dedicated to fostering the art and joy of Ukrainian dance in children and youth in a community environment. It has evolved from its humble beginnings in 1962 and emerged as a highly professional dance school, with nearly 150 dancers and five performing ensembles.  Under the artistic direction of Tamara Tatuch the Yavir School of Dance provides its dancers and audience with an experience that is exciting, inspirational, and educational while encouraging interest in Ukrainian dance and culture. The School gratefully acknowledges the support of the community of St. Demetrius Ukrainian Catholic Church.  

Zerniatko - Ukraine

Festival Program
  1. 11 AM
    Festival Opens - Arrive early to experience the best in Ukrainian culture and tradition. Our master arts crafters will be teaching pysanky (easter egg) painting, pottery and other unique arts and crafts. Shopping isnt only available at Square One, visit our vendors to find unique finds and try the a Ukrainian staple from a food vendor!
  2. 12 Noon
    Main Stage Performances Begin - The Mississauga Ukrainian Festival main stage launches its first act. Take a seat near the main stage and be immersed in Ukrainian song and dance!
  3. 3:15 PM
    Opening Ceremony - The Mississauga Ukrainian Festival officially opens. Join our volunteer organizing committee and invited dignitaries in opening the 3rd annual Mississauga Ukrainian Festival at the main stage.
  4. 11 PM
    Festival Closes - Although the Mississauga Ukrainian Festival closes, the Toronto Ukrainian Festival is only 3 months away. Mark your calendar and meet us in Bloor West Village (Toronto) for the 21st Bloor West Village Toronto Ukrainian Festival, September 15-17, 2017.
Let’s Socialize